Message from Chairman Evan Power on Biden's Amnesty Bill

Once again, Biden has put the interests of illegal aliens over American citizens.  Biden’s “Border Bill” is Amnesty. It enshrines “catch-and-release” in federal law, allows 5,000 illegal entries per day, takes jobs from Americans by granting millions of work permits for illegals, and replaces immigration judges with “asylum officers.”

American citizens are struggling under Biden’s inflationary spending, but instead of easing spending, Biden is using American tax dollars to fly and house illegal aliens and pay for their attorneys.

Americans aren't fooled. They know Biden is putting illegals first and Americans last. That's why Democrats are leaving their party in droves. What's Biden's plan to combat this? Granting asylum, giving illegal immigrants a path to voting. Seems to us Biden and the Democrats can’t win on their own volition, so they resort to turning illegals into voters and convicting their opponents in sham trials.

In November the American people will send the final verdict on the failed Biden administration—in Florida, Trump is going to win and win big!

Chairman Evan Power
Republican Party of Florida