Florida GOP Takes Stance On November Constitutional Amendments

At its quarterly meeting on Saturday, the Republican Party of Florida Executive Board unanimously passed a resolution opposing amendments 3 (recreational marijuana) and 4 (abortion up until birth) and supporting the balance of the Constitutional amendments that will appear on the 2024 ballot. 

“Floridians are confident that their legislature has been passing laws that reflect the priorities of our state. Amendments 3 and 4 are unnecessary attempts by an increasingly shrinking minority who know the only way to win support for their radical agenda is to confuse and mislead the electorate,” said Chairman Power.

“In addition, the Republican Party of Florida supports the legislature’s desire to make school board races partisan, create a constitutional right to hunt and fish, and eliminate the taxpayer burden of public campaign financing,” Chairman Power continued.

Lastly, Florida GOP Chairman Evan Power stated, “The Florida Democrats are a dead carcass on the side of the road, but outside dark money groups are looking to promote their far-left ideology by attempting to confuse Florida voters.  The Florida GOP stands ready to correct the record and defeat the radical left while enshrining in our Constitution more rights for our citizens.”

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