Chairman Evan Power and the Florida GOP Issue Statement on the Florida Dems Identifying as an Endangered Species

Under Nikki Fried's leadership, the Florida Dems have finally embraced their endangered status, changing their mascot to a Florida Panther.

"First, I would like to congratulate Nikki Fried on, by our count, the 28th relaunch of the Florida Democrats under her leadership," said Chairman Evan Power. "The choice in changing your mascot from a donkey to a Florida Panther is particularly fitting with its status as an endangered species."

The endangered species, the Florida Democrats, are now trailing Republicans by over 900,000 registered voters. They have lost 1.2 million net registered voters in just 4 years and have not won a statewide election in over 5 years.

"If you come into contact with a Florida Democrat in the wild, whether they identify as a donkey or a panther, we urge you to notify Nikki Fried and her team immediately," said Chairman Evan Power. "Their far-left policies, such as open borders, high inflation, and surging crime, only risk further collapsing Nikki’s voter registration numbers in the state."