Governor Ron DeSantis, Florida GOP Help Power President Trump to Victory in the Sunshine State

GOP also retains control of both houses of the Florida Legislature

Tonight, following the closing of polls across all 67 counties, Governor Ron DeSantis announced that President Donald J. Trump has secured enough votes to win the state of Florida and that Republicans will retain control of both chambers of the Florida Legislature.

These efforts are the culmination of more than a yearlong effort by Governor Ron DeSantis to drive historic Republican voter registration and spearhead fundraising efforts to position President Trump and down ballot candidates for victory.

“I am proud to announce that Florida has once again delivered for President Donald J. Trump and that Florida Republicans will retain control of both chambers of the Florida Legislature,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “Tonight’s results are the culmination of our efforts to drive historic Republican voter registration, mobilize a grassroots get out the vote initiative, and raise more than $20 million to support President Trump’s campaign, as well as congressional, legislative and down ballot races. To all Republican voters who showed up and voted in record numbers: Thank you for performing your civic duty and doing your part to help President Trump secure four more years in the White House.”

Florida Senate President-Designate Wilton Simpson said, “Floridians cast their ballots in record numbers, making their voices heard up and down the ballot across the state. Tonight we celebrate these tremendous victories and tomorrow we get back to work on behalf of the hardworking people of Florida. We are incredibly grateful to Governor DeSantis for his steadfast support.”

Florida House Speaker-Designate Chris Sprowls said, “Republican governance received overwhelming support tonight all across Florida. From the policies that we have enacted to date, to the pledge of no new taxes, a continued business-friendly state, standing up to lawlessness, and making sure that crucial decisions are made by Florida families, the Republican team, led by our great Governor, Ron DeSantis, and our policies continue to be embraced by Floridians because they work.”

No other governor across the nation has done more to help pave the way for Republican victories in their state like Governor Ron DeSantis:

More than $20 Million Raised for GOP Victories

  • Governor DeSantis has raised more than $12 million for President Trump’s reelection efforts in Florida.
  •  In addition to his efforts on behalf of the President, Governor DeSantis has raised more than $8 million for congressional, legislative and down ballot races.
  • The Governor has accomplished these fundraising milestones at the expense of his own fundraising efforts.
  • The Republican Party of Florida (RPOF), through Governor DeSantis’ efforts, has been able to provide administrative resources and personnel to assist Trump’s reelection. The RPOF hired over 190 field staffers that increased our boots-on-the-ground presence. Funds raised by Governor DeSantis have also been used for ad placements, historic voter registration efforts and get out the vote efforts.

Historic Voter Registration
$1 Million Invested, 1 Million Calls

  • Governor DeSantis invested more than $1 million to launch a grassroots voter registration effort across the entire state, including over 1 million calls, as well as surveys and door knocking outreach.
  • Governor DeSantis and the RPOF provided critical data to enhance President Trump’s reelection efforts and volunteer voter registration program. As a result, Florida Republicans have narrowed the gap to 134,000 which is the smallest difference between the two parties in Florida history.

Historic Efforts to Protect Voter Integrity

  •  Governor DeSantis has focused on protecting the security and integrity of Florida’s elections, including the announcement that the state would join the Registration Information Center (ERIC). By joining ERIC, Florida will be able to crosscheck voter registration data with 29 other member states in order to identify duplicate registrations and outdated records from voters who have moved or passed away, leading to cleaner and more accurate voter registration rolls.
  • Since taking office, Governor DeSantis has invested significant resources into cybersecurity and in June 2020 signed an executive order allowing Supervisors of Elections increased flexibility to canvass ballots in anticipation of a higher volume of ballots.
  • Governor DeSantis signed an executive order suspending Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher and accepted the resignation of Brenda Snipes, the former supervisor of elections for Broward County, following issues that occurred in the 2018 election.