Governor Ron DeSantis Takes Measured, Informed and Effective Steps

Statement by RPOF Chairman Joe Gruters
Governor Ron DeSantis Takes Measured, Informed and Effective Steps

Tallahassee, FL – “While Governor Ron DeSantis is resolutely leading the state through the coronavirus outbreak with measured, informed, effective actions to protect the health and rights of Floridians, the state’s second-largest newspaper is engaging in a wildly irresponsible fear-mongering campaign that looks just like the worst of partisan hackery. This newspaper’s editorial page has turned into one long, tiresome fanatical attack on Gov. DeSantis, stoking fear among those unfortunate enough to be reading it. It is beneath what we should be able to expect from our media.

“Fortunately, we have a Governor who is steadfast in the face of attacks, whether from a pandemic virus or from a newspaper engaging in childish temper tantrums. Gov. DeSantis and his team are wisely weighing new information each day as he guides us through this pandemic.

“These are truly unprecedented times, with much changing on a daily basis. Which makes it so encouraging to see the dedicated, often selfless, Floridians who are working around the clock to keep us updated on data, safe on the streets and at home, and caring for all of the sick. To all these heroes, we offer our most heartfelt thanks.”