Statement on Sham Trial's Guilty Verdict

"From a corrupt District Attorney to a rigged judge making a mockery of our judicial system, President Trump's guilty verdict comes as no surprise," says Chairman Evan Power. "Trump Derangement Syndrome was alive and well in that New York courtroom, but here in the real world, Donald Trump's support only grows stronger."

Polling shows that the majority of Americans will NOT be swayed by this outcome.

"This political witch hunt does nothing more than make fools out of the Democrats," says Chairman Evan Power. "They can't win with a failing, senile old man on the ballot, so they must resort to election interference. Americans see right through it!"

We look forward to taking back the White House this November and putting an end to Biden's disastrous policies on the border, the economy, and crime. Florida will lead the way in bringing the RED wave to vindicate President Donald J. Trump once and for all!