• Statement from Chairman Evan Power on Biden Campaign Manager Admitting Florida is Not in Play

    Another day, another Florida Democrat debacle! Despite Nikki Fried's rhetoric, the Biden campaign is clearly waving the white flag in Florida.

    With nearly 1 million more registered Republicans than Democrats in the state, the Florida GOP’s grassroots operation is fully engaged and pressing on the gas. Make no mistake: Republicans are going to win, and win big, in November!

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  • Florida GOP Calls Out Florida Democrat "Gimmicks" During DNC Chair Visit to Tallahassee

    Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) Chairman Evan Power released the following statement in response to Democrat National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison's visit to Tallahassee today:

    "Traveling all the way from the D.C. swamp, Democrat Party Chairman Jaime Harrison came to Florida today to personally award Nikki Fried with the Florida Democrats' '2024 Participation Trophy.' In rounding up patsies to run in every legislative district in the state, Fried can enjoy today's Pyrrhic victory — Only for her candidates to once again face defeat this November!"

    In contrast, the RPOF continues to excel in what it does best: working and winning. Just this month, the Republican voter advantage in the state grew to over 900,000, and Chairman Evan Power announced a historic investment in expanding the party's vote-by-mail turnout operation.

    "It's going to take more than ghost candidates, BOLO recruitment billboards, or another logo redesign to change the course of Nikki Fried's party of gimmicks. The Florida GOP remains the only political party in the state serious about campaigning and governing, and we look forward to building our momentum in the months ahead."


  • Chairman Evan Power Slams "Flailing" Joe Biden's Attempt to Fool Florida Seniors

    Upon hearing the news that Joe Biden's campaign launched "Seniors for Biden" today in Hillsborough County, Chairman Evan Power released the following statement:

    "In another desperate attempt to ignite any excitement in his Florida campaign, Joe Biden's team chose Hillsborough County to launch 'Seniors for Biden' this morning. As they are no doubt aware, Hillsborough County is increasingly rejecting the radical Democrat agenda, with the Democrat voter registration lead shrinking from 50,000 to 10,000 in the last 4 years alone!

    With age comes wisdom, and Florida's seniors see right through Joe Biden's disastrous record as President. Floridians deserve better than a flailing, desperate shell of a man as Commander-in-Chief and will return President Trump to the White House in November."

  • Florida GOP Grants State Charter to the Florida Young Republicans

    The Florida Young Republicans have worked tirelessly on behalf of the Republican Party of Florida and its candidates to walk doors, make phone calls, and encourage young people to get involved in the Republican Party.  

    In order to remove questions about the use of the Republican name and images under Florida law and to strengthen the partnership between the Florida Young Republicans and the Republican Party of Florida, the executive board of the Republican Party of Florida granted the Florida Young Republicans a statewide charter.

    Republican Party of Florida Chairman Evan Power said, “The Florida Young Republicans have worked tirelessly to build an organization focused on making a difference in elections and engaging young people to the Republican brand. I am excited that we were able to take this next step in our partnership and look forward to helping provide them with the resources they need to grow and to continue to deliver for our Republican Team!”

    Florida Young Republicans Chairman Brandon Ludwig said, "As one of the largest state organizations in the Young Republican National Federation, we are proud to be officially working in lockstep with the best state party in the country. Our more than 1000 members are laser focused on delivering wins up and down the ballot this cycle and for years to come.”

    Florida Young Republicans current chapters:

    • Broward County Young Republicans
    • Capital Young Republicans (Leon County)
    • Central Florida Young Republicans (Seminole, Orange, Osceola Counties)
    • Clay County Young Republicans
    • Lake County Young Republicans
    • Manatee County Young Republicans
    • Nassau County Young Republicans
    • Pasco County Young Republicans
    • Pinellas County Young Republicans
    • Palm Beach County Young Republicans 
    • Polk County Young Republicans
    • Sarasota County Young Republicans
    • Space Coast Young Republicans (Brevard County)
    • Tampa Bay Young Republicans (Hillsborough County)
    • Treasure Coast Young Republicans (St. Lucie and Martin Counties)
    • Vero Beach Young Republicans (Indian River County)
    • West Volusia Young Republicans (Volusia County)
  • Message from Chairman Evan Power on Biden's Amnesty Bill

    Once again, Biden has put the interests of illegal aliens over American citizens.  Biden’s “Border Bill” is Amnesty. It enshrines “catch-and-release” in federal law, allows 5,000 illegal entries per day, takes jobs from Americans by granting millions of work permits for illegals, and replaces immigration judges with “asylum officers.”

    American citizens are struggling under Biden’s inflationary spending, but instead of easing spending, Biden is using American tax dollars to fly and house illegal aliens and pay for their attorneys.

    Americans aren't fooled. They know Biden is putting illegals first and Americans last. That's why Democrats are leaving their party in droves. What's Biden's plan to combat this? Granting asylum, giving illegal immigrants a path to voting. Seems to us Biden and the Democrats can’t win on their own volition, so they resort to turning illegals into voters and convicting their opponents in sham trials.

    In November the American people will send the final verdict on the failed Biden administration—in Florida, Trump is going to win and win big!

    Chairman Evan Power
    Republican Party of Florida

  • Statement on Sham Trial's Guilty Verdict

    "From a corrupt District Attorney to a rigged judge making a mockery of our judicial system, President Trump's guilty verdict comes as no surprise," says Chairman Evan Power. "Trump Derangement Syndrome was alive and well in that New York courtroom, but here in the real world, Donald Trump's support only grows stronger."

    Polling shows that the majority of Americans will NOT be swayed by this outcome.

    "This political witch hunt does nothing more than make fools out of the Democrats," says Chairman Evan Power. "They can't win with a failing, senile old man on the ballot, so they must resort to election interference. Americans see right through it!"

    We look forward to taking back the White House this November and putting an end to Biden's disastrous policies on the border, the economy, and crime. Florida will lead the way in bringing the RED wave to vindicate President Donald J. Trump once and for all!
  • Florida GOP Slams Nikki Fried's "Out of Touch" Comments on the Economy

    In her latest attempt to deflect from the Democrat Party's disastrous poll numbers, Florida Democrat Chair Nikki Fried took to the airwaves Sunday evening to spread misinformation about the U.S. economy:

    "When it comes to the economy, Joe Biden has reduced inflation, the prices of food are going down, we are seeing every single month overperforming of jobs being produced," Fried stated during an appearance on CBS Miami. 

    Florida GOP Chairman Evan Power responded, "With tone-deaf comments like these, it’s no wonder Florida Democrats are nearly extinct! Nikki Fried is clearly out of touch with the economic realities facing Floridians under Joe Biden’s failed leadership."

    "In Biden's America, the price of gas has jumped more than 50%, real household wages have declined, and the cost of basic goods has skyrocketed," Power continued. "With the cost of sugar increasing by 44%, butter up 27%, and bread up 30%, one must wonder when Nikki Fried last visited a grocery store. Floridians see through Nikki's lies and will make their voices heard loud and clear this November!"

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  • Florida GOP Takes Stance On November Constitutional Amendments

    At its quarterly meeting on Saturday, the Republican Party of Florida Executive Board unanimously passed a resolution opposing amendments 3 (recreational marijuana) and 4 (abortion up until birth) and supporting the balance of the Constitutional amendments that will appear on the 2024 ballot. 

    “Floridians are confident that their legislature has been passing laws that reflect the priorities of our state. Amendments 3 and 4 are unnecessary attempts by an increasingly shrinking minority who know the only way to win support for their radical agenda is to confuse and mislead the electorate,” said Chairman Power.

    “In addition, the Republican Party of Florida supports the legislature’s desire to make school board races partisan, create a constitutional right to hunt and fish, and eliminate the taxpayer burden of public campaign financing,” Chairman Power continued.

    Lastly, Florida GOP Chairman Evan Power stated, “The Florida Democrats are a dead carcass on the side of the road, but outside dark money groups are looking to promote their far-left ideology by attempting to confuse Florida voters.  The Florida GOP stands ready to correct the record and defeat the radical left while enshrining in our Constitution more rights for our citizens.”

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  • Chairman Evan Power and the Florida GOP Issue Statement on the Florida Dems Identifying as an Endangered Species

    Under Nikki Fried's leadership, the Florida Dems have finally embraced their endangered status, changing their mascot to a Florida Panther.

    "First, I would like to congratulate Nikki Fried on, by our count, the 28th relaunch of the Florida Democrats under her leadership," said Chairman Evan Power. "The choice in changing your mascot from a donkey to a Florida Panther is particularly fitting with its status as an endangered species."

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    “In Florida, especially in Jacksonville, families are suffering under the train-wreck Biden-Harris Bidenomics. Groceries cost more. Gas prices are surging. And the cost of housing continues to push Americans’ wallets to the breaking point,” said Chairman Evan Power. He continued, “Meanwhile, the open border lawlessness of the Biden Bloodbath has made all states - including Florida - a border state. As Biden’s “border czar” the nation’s borders have become a crisis. Just north of Jacksonville, in Georgia, the family of Laken Riley have to live with these tragic failures. Maybe while on the ground, Vice President Harris can drive north a bit and ask Laken’s family to forgive the deadly mistake she and Biden have made.”