Florida Senate President-Designate Ben Albritton Invests $100,000 in RPOF to Help Florida Elect Conservatives this November

Tallahassee, Florida – On the heels of a $100,000 contribution from Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture Wilton Simpson Wednesday, Senate President-Designate Ben Albritton donated today $100,000 to the Republican Party of Florida. The influx of resources and support will help strengthen the party’s grassroots infrastructure as a critical election year begins.

“We cannot afford to take any election for granted. Electing strong conservative leaders at every level of government requires hard work and a dedicated team to drive registration, get out the vote and secure the victory,” said President-Designate Albritton. “I am proud to support the party and Chairman Evan Power, and I look forward to working with the team to activate a winning strategy.”.

The RPOF chairman, Evan Power, has made it clear that the number one priority for Florida’s Republican party is to ensure the infrastructure is in place to help ensure continued historic success in Florida’s Republican party’s voter registration and to provide the resources for grassroots efforts that resulted in a red sweep in 2022..

“Actions speak louder than words. Senate President-Designate Ben Albritton’s commitment and support of the Republican Party of Florida is significant. We Republicans are all partners in Florida’s great success. Our increasing voter registration advantage over Florida Democrats shows growing public support for our common-sense, conservative policies. 57 of Florida’s 67 counties are red but we need to work hard to retain this significant gain,” said Chairman Power. “I am deeply grateful to our Senate President-Designate Albritton’s support and confidence in our leadership to continue to deliver for Floridians.” .

The Republican Party of Florida maintains a lead in voter registration of nearly 700,000 Republicans over Democrats in Florida. This represents historic strength in numbers, and it will be important to maintain the lead and increase momentum as November nears.