❌ Charlie Crist said he would reallocate funding away from law enforcement.
❌ Charlie Crist supports Soros-backed prosecutors who let criminals run rampant in our communities.
❌ Charlie Crist’s pro-crime agenda is a threat to Floridians.



“Defund the Police” and Soros Prosecutors

Defund the Police: The Reallocation Agenda
Last year, Charlie Crist said he would “reallocate” funding away from law enforcement. That’s exactly what radical leftists mean when they demand to “Defund the Police.” This definition is clearly stated on BLM’s website “By defunding the police, significant resources can be reallocated to create a new community emergency services to support the mental health needs of our vulnerable community members.”

MAY 3, 2021: Charlie Crist, in a Zoom meeting with community organizers, expressed support for defunding police. 

  • Amid the Summer 2020 BLM riots, St. Petersburg“reallocated” $3.8 million in city funding that was originally allocated to hire 25 new officers. This is, literally, an example of defunding policeCrist unequivocally praised the reallocation/defunding of police in St. Petersburg. 

MAY 2021 TRANSCRIPT: Host: A question about law enforcement, you know, there's been marches and, you know, really demands, people are using the term defund the policeand we know that has its own connotation its more so about reallocation of resources into programming, that supports, you know, other methods of public safety, other methods of crime prevention, right, what do you what's your position on that and when it relates to reallocating resources, I want to ask you about defunding the police, but reallocating resources similar to what Chief Holloway did, where he's created this community program that will answer calls and dispatch, you know, mental health and social workers, as opposed to, you know, uniformed officers from some of those calls. What are your thoughts on that?  

Crist: “I support exactly what the chief is doing....And it isn’t defunding, you're correct about that. It's reallocation and making a balance to the approach.  

MARCH 2022 INTERVIEWCrist: “It’s also important we recognize that police departments are often not the best suited to handle situations where folks are suffering from a mental health crisis, and are in need of counselors and medical professionals more than anything.”

Charlie Crist supports soft-on-crime prosecutors who make our communities less safe and make law enforcement’s job harder.

  •  Far-left megadonor George Soros funds the campaigns of radical left-wing ideologues to install the pro-criminal agenda in prosecutor’s offices across the countryLos Angeles, Baltimore, Manhattan, Philadelphia, and other cities have seen explosions in violent crime since Soros-backed DAs took office in recent years

Congressman Crist co-sponsored anti-police “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021”

  • Crist referred to the 2020 BLM riots that left 2,000 police officers blinded or injured, more than two dozen people dead, and property damage that exceeded $2 billion, as: “the largest peaceful demonstration in American history.”
  • This radical bill (H.R. 1280) assumes that a disparate impact by race in traffic stops is automatically evidence of “racial profiling”. 
  • In 2021, Charlie Crist voted AGAINST a resolution to condemn the “Defund the Police” movement. He won’t condemn “defund the police” because he supports this dangerous extremist agenda. Crist doesn’t stand with law enforcement. He stands with the radical left who want to defund the police.

Under the leadership of Governor DeSantis, Florida is a law-and-order state. 

  • Florida communities are ranked among the safest in the nation, and Governor DeSantis is committed to supporting law enforcement and first responders. 
  • Governor DeSantis signed the most comprehensive pro-law enforcement legislation in the nation, prohibiting defunding the police. If local governments try to defund law enforcement, the Governor and Cabinet can override them and reinstate the funding.
  • “While other parts of the country are mistreating, marginalizing, and defunding law enforcement, in Florida we continue to prioritize and appreciate our law enforcement officers.” – Governor Ron DeSantis
  • Governor DeSantis is endorsed by 59 Florida Sheriffs and law enforcement groups including: 
    • Florida Fraternal Order of Police
    • Florida Police Chiefs Association
    • Florida Police Benevolent Association

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