Kamala's Visit to Florida: Another Political Stunt


“Instead of visiting the border and stopping the millions of illegal aliens and fentanyl pouring across our border, The Border Czar has hopped on the first flight down to Florida in order to lecture Floridian parents that their children belong to the government and the government has a right to indoctrinate and sexualize our children. The government overreach on parental rights has already been overwhelmingly rejected in Florida, and we hope the other 49 states will join with us by telling the Biden Administration to go pound sand.” – Christian Ziegler, FloridaGOP Chairman.

The Receipts:

Kamala Harris' track record as Joe Biden's "Border Czar" has been a complete failure.

  • More than 6.3 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border since Biden took office
  • Homeland Security Investigations says Mexican cartels are making $13 billion per yearby smuggling illegal immigrants into the U.S. This is 26 times more money than they made in 2018.
  • In March, 2,848 pounds of fentanyl and 13,639 pounds of methamphetamine were seized at the southern border, but much more is still getting through.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' Bidenomics is hurting American families financially.

  • Prices have surged by 16.6 percent, leaving Americans grappling with the persistent consequences of inflation.
  • The Consumer Price Index for June has skyrocketed to over double the rate recorded at the beginning of Biden's term.
  • Because prices keep increasing and wages are not increasing enough, many Americans are finding it harder to manage their finances and face financial struggles.