Nikki Fried’s Political Grandstanding Efforts

Statement from the Republican Party of Florida:

“Nikki Fried is once again using her official office for political grandstanding and has been campaigning for governor since the day she was elected.

“She is attacking Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis for prioritizing Florida’s seniors across the state. He has been working with faith-based communities to provide vaccines at 59 sites in underserved communities across the state. Additionally, through his efforts, Florida has opened 7 permanent sites in underserved communities, including one site in Pahokee and 6 new sites in various communities.

“Fried should be focused on the agency she was elected to oversee. Unfortunately, she is up to her ears in conflicts of interest, and is beholden to special interests.

“Nikki could learn a lot by taking a page from Gov. DeSantis’ playbook on leadership. His successful science-based policies battling the COVID pandemic have kept Florida safe, free and open – including schools and businesses.

“As a leading surrogate of the failed Biden-Harris effort to win Florida, Nikki Fried has spent too much time on politics while ignoring Florida’s farmers and workers. If she has a record to defend, so far, no one has seen it.”