Nikki Fried Should Be Ashamed

Statement By RPOF Chairman Joe Gruters
“Nikki Fried Should Be Ashamed”

Tallahassee, FL – “Nikki Fried should be ashamed. She is pulling the weakest trick in the book at the worst moment by attacking Gov. DeSantis in the midst of a crisis just to score some cheap political points.

“Doesn’t she have an office she should be seeing to instead of using state resources to try to further her political future? Shouldn’t she be trying to accomplish something other than trying to divide Floridians to promote herself?

“In these extraordinary times of breathless media reporting and heated rhetoric from backseat partisans everywhere, it is heartening to have the steady hand of Gov. Ron DeSantis at the helm. Instead of inciting panic and uncertainty, Gov. DeSantis and his team are wisely weighing new information each day as he guides us through this pandemic.

“Gov. DeSantis is resolutely leading the state through the coronavirus outbreak with measured, informed, effective actions to protect the health and rights of Floridians. He’s working hard to bring us together during this global pandemic.  Now is the time for all Floridians, from both sides of the aisle to stand together.

“Fried’s unseemly self-promotion should be remembered by all Floridians.”