Passing of E-Verify

Tallahassee, FL – “Today the Florida Senate passed Senate Bill 664 adopting a measure to ensure that Florida’s employers hire only those workers who are legally eligible to work in the U.S.  The E-Verify measure is one of Governor Ron DeSantis’ top priorities and the bill’s passage today clearly demonstrates a commitment to the importance and need for ensuring a legal workforce through E-Verify.

“Earlier this year, the Republican Party of Florida Executive Board voted for and adopted an RPOF resolution supporting the passage of E-Verify Legislation during the 2020 legislative session. Currently 32 counties have adopted the resolution and have reaffirmed the Republican Party Platform, which outlines the official principles, policy stances, and priorities of the Republican Party and which states: ‘Use of the E-Verify program— an internet-based system that verifies the employment authorization and identity of employees—must be made mandatory nationwide.’

“Florida’s economy continues to grow under Governor DeSantis’ leadership and by using E-Verify we will only expand jobs and opportunities for legal workers in our state.

“We live in a nation of laws and illegal immigration undermines those laws, threatens public safety in our state, and undercuts wages for Florida workers. It is only right to require employers to follow the rule of law and to ensure that the workers they are hiring are eligible and, in our country, legally.

“I thank Senate President Galvano, Senator Tom Lee and my colleagues for their support and for voting yes for this important legislation.”