RPOF Chairman Evan Power's Statement on Radical Pro-Abortion Amendment on Florida Ballot

“We are very disappointed that a deceptively worded pro-abortion amendment is allowed to appear on Florida’s ballot in November.  If passed, it will allow abortions up to 6 months of pregnancy and, thanks to a loophole,  even to point of birth.  Florida will become the most pro-abortion state in the southern U.S.  That is NOT what Florida wants, and the Republican Party of Florida will fight to inform voters on the dangers of this amendment.”  

“It is of no surprise that Nikki Fried and the Florida Democrats will be celebrating this radical pro-abortion amendment on the ballot because their extreme agenda knows no bounds.  FL Dem Chair Fried was even afraid to truthfully answer the simple question of whether a man could get an abortion.  Florida voters know better and they will reject the radical agenda being pushed by FL Dems this November."