Statement on Unsanctioned Organization Mailers

Over the past few days we have received inquiries about endorsements being made by an organization led by Annie Marie Delgado, who is claiming to represent the RPOF and Trump Victory.  That is factually incorrect, and below we have included cease and desist letters that been sent to the organization.

Additionally, below is a statement you can use from the Republican Party of Florida if you plan to write.

We have also attached the mailer and the cease and desist orders that have generated all the questions.


Statement by Republican Party of Florida
Re: Mailers sent by unsanctioned organization

Trump Team 2020 Florida LLC is not affiliated with the Republican Party of Florida, the Donald J. Trump for President campaign or Trump Victory.

To be clear, its leader, Annie Marie Delgado has been dishonest about her organization, which is a distraction to the hard work being done by thousands of staff and volunteers across the Sunshine State to elect Republicans.

It is unfortunate to have to comment but it is necessary because this organization’s leader continues to intentionally confuse voters for personal gain after ignoring several cease and desist orders.

While we welcome all who are willing to do the selfless, hard work of electing conservative Republicans, this person’s actions are an affront and undermines our best efforts.