• Governor Ron DeSantis Working with South Florida Elected Leaders

    Update from RPOF Chairman Joe Gruters
    Re: Governor Ron DeSantis Working with South Florida Elected Leaders

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  • Governor Ron DeSantis Takes Measured, Informed and Effective Steps

    Statement by RPOF Chairman Joe Gruters
    Governor Ron DeSantis Takes Measured, Informed and Effective Steps

    Tallahassee, FL – “While Governor Ron DeSantis is resolutely leading the state through the coronavirus outbreak with measured, informed, effective actions to protect the health and rights of Floridians, the state’s second-largest newspaper is engaging in a wildly irresponsible fear-mongering campaign that looks just like the worst of partisan hackery. This newspaper’s editorial page has turned into one long, tiresome fanatical attack on Gov. DeSantis, stoking fear among those unfortunate enough to be reading it. It is beneath what we should be able to expect from our media.

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  • Nikki Fried Should Be Ashamed

    Statement By RPOF Chairman Joe Gruters
    “Nikki Fried Should Be Ashamed”

    Tallahassee, FL – “Nikki Fried should be ashamed. She is pulling the weakest trick in the book at the worst moment by attacking Gov. DeSantis in the midst of a crisis just to score some cheap political points.

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  • RPOF virtual campaign is a roaring success

    As soon as President Trump recommended that states should shut down for a brief period to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Republican Party of Florida switched gears and in a 24-hour span flipped all efforts to a virtual operation. We never missed a beat.

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  • Jacksonville, FL hosting the 2020 Republican National Convention

    Statement By RPOF Chairman Joe Gruters:

    “The Republican Party of Florida is delighted that Jacksonville will host the Republican National Convention. The energy and excitement is already building in the Sunshine State for the opportunity to celebrate President Donald J. Trump delivering his acceptance speech.

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  • Florida Democratic Party Building Fund Accepting Paycheck Protection Program Funds

    Thursday, July 9, 2020
    Contact:  RPOF 850-222-7920

    Statement By:  RPOF Chairman Joe Gruters

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  • Florida GOP Declares Victory: Democrat-Aligned Groups Drop Lawsuit Challenging Florida’s Vote-by-Mail Laws on Eve of Trial

    RPOF, RNC, and NRCC Protect Election Integrity Ahead of 2020

    TALLAHASSEE – Today, one day before trial was scheduled to start in federal court in the Northern District of Florida, a group of Democrat-aligned organizations including Priorities USA and the Dream Defenders entered into a settlement agreement with the Florida Secretary of State and the RPOF, RNC, and NRCC dismissing their lawsuit challenging Florida’s vote-by-mail laws.

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  • Statement on Unsanctioned Organization Mailers

  • Constitutional Amendments 1 & 3

    The Republican Party of Florida has taken the following positions on Amendment 1 and Amendment 3 appearing on the 2020 General Election ballot because both directly impact the elections process in our state.

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  • Statement on Tonight’s Presidential Debate

    Statement by RPOF Chairman Joe Gruters
    Re: Tonight’s Presidential Debate

    Americans finally saw firsthand tonight, with no media filter, the cavernous difference between what a robust President Donald J. Trump has accomplished in just 47 months compared to what Joe Biden has done in 47 years.

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