Pelosi Puppet Val Demings Announces For Senate

Demings would put Nancy Pelosi’s socialist agenda ahead of Florida families.

Pelosi Puppet Val Demings’ hurts Florida families with her dangerous record of supporting radical policies that would make us less safe and would push us in a dangerous direction. Florida voters deserve the truth about the Real Val Demings’ record.

RPOF’s executive director Helen Aguirre Ferre issued the following statement:

RPOF Quote: “Val Demings is a political opportunist who went to Washington, became a puppet of Nancy Pelosi, and consistently places Pelosi’s socialist agenda ahead of the best interests of Florida families. Just look at her voting record.. The Real Val Demings has voted with Pelosi 100% of the time, and like Pelosi would defund our police, lockdown our economy, close our schools, raise taxes on working families, gut the 2nd amendment, and let the crisis at our border get worse. Demings is clearly delusional about what is good for the Sunshine State.  She thinks Pelosi knows what is best for Florida families. While Senator Rubio consistently delivers results for Florida, Val Demings will always prioritize her political ambitions and liberal socialist agenda over the needs of Florida families.”

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